TRAILER ($1,240 USD)

Increase the capacity of the Single Track Cat motorcycle with the STC Trailer.


The STC trailer has a low center of gravity for increased stability.

It can be used as a flatbed trailer or the center rack can be installed to carry various tools

The trailer has its own independent braking system. Typically, when travelling downhill, a trailer will attempt to push the tow vehicle, and this could cause a loss of control. The built-in braking system will sense when the trailer is pushing the tow vehicle and will apply its brake to reduce this effect.

There are three setups for the trailer wheels.

With this arrangement there is only one trailer wheel. The hitch is set to lock the trailer to the Single Track Cat (STC) so that when the STC is leaned to the left or right, the trailer will lean the same amount. With this arrangement, the rider must balance both the STC and the trailer. Since this increases the workload for the rider, the maximum trailer load must be reduced. The single wheel setup is useful for trails that are unsuitable for a dual wheel arrangement.

With this arrangement, there are two trailer wheels mounted within the trailer frame. The hitch is set to allow the trailer to roll independently of the STC. The rider does not have to balance the trailer. If for example, the trailer were to have one of the tires hit a large rock, the trailer could flip onto its side. The rider and the STC are not subject to any rotational forces when this occurs.

With this arrangement, the two wheels are mounted outside of the trailer frame. This provides for the maximum trailer stability but also requires a trail wide enough for this wheel position. As with the dual wheel inboard setup, the trailer and STC roll independently of each other.