Cost-Benefit Analysis

The following cost benefit analysis is for the pro model of the Single Track Cat, price at $11,860 USD

Purchase Costs
Purchase Cost: $11,860 USD
Shipping Cost: $850 Actual cost varies by location
Total Purchase Cost: $12,710

Annual Operating Cost
(Based on 50 miles a day, 5 days a week, 35 weeks a year)
Fuel Cost: $375 125 gal @ $3/gal
Tire Replacement Cost: $350 Front & rear tire replacement
Other Repairs and Services: $500 Oil changes & other misc service work
Amortized Cost: $847.33 Purchase cost divided over a 15 year service life
Total Annual Cost: $2,072.33
Employment Costs & Productivity
Annual Employment Cost: $35,000 35 weeks employment @ 25/hr, 8hrs/day
Productivity Increase: $10,500 30% increased productivity
Less Total Annual Cost: $2,072.33 From above "Total Annual Cost"
Net Cost-Benefit: $8,427.67


Based on the assumptions above, the payback period for the Pro model will be approximately 18 months and the Standard model will be approximately 14-15 months. However, more consistent use throughout the year would see a sooner payback period. As the Annual Employment Cost increases, the savings made from the productivity increase will continue to outpace the Annual Operating Cost of the Single Track Cat.

  • 14-18 months